Ballot Time

It's almost election time in the United States! But even some people in the USA don't realize that you're voting on more than just a couple of offices. Usually you have several ballot items concerning state, county, or local referendums. Some states just put on the ballot helpful bits like: "Do you vote for or against proposition 427?" What does that mean?! Well now you can find out using Ballotopedia! Its a great site and now I know all about the ballot items I'll be seeing. Granted, I'm still going to vote no on all of them, but at least I know!

ACORN Voter Fraud

Recently there were revelations of voter registration fraud by a group called Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). The irony is that just in the last year I got a home mortgage for low-income families through an ACORN program.

While sitting in one of the ACORN office, waiting to do our financial review, I noticed a lot of different things posted on the walls. One was a piece of paper identifying the daily voter registration quotas. Now, I didn't see anything that said to fake registrations if you can't get them otherwise, but it does occur to me that setting hard quotas for something like voter registration does put a lot of pressure on the actual workers who are pounding the streets. This doesn't spell out impropriety, but it does concern me.