Tony's Freakin Rich

Does anyone know who this Tony guy is in New York? He has to be freakin rich! I see his name everywhere. Apparently he owns pizza shops, hotdog stands, tuxedo stores, real estate, just about everything! How does Donald Trump have his own TV show and this Tony doesn't? Seriously...

Sphincter Says What?

Here's a quick, completely subjective survey of language frequency heard on top of the Empire State Building in order of descending frequency:

  1. Mandarin
  2. German
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. Tied: Russian/Hebrew
Then a bunch I didn't recognize. Surprisingly, little to no Cantonese, Hindi, Urdu, or Punjabi...


Dirty, Dirty Cities

I've now been to NYC. I must say as fun as it is it is still a dirty, dirty city. Inspired, I will now present a list of dirty cities:

  1. New York
  2. New Orleans
  3. Gary, including East Chicago, Whiting, Hammond, and 90% of Lake county
  4. Binghamton, NY
  5. Los Angeles
  6. San Francisco
Feel free to post any comments concerning your own dirty cities.


Radio Shack

I used to like Radio Shack. It was kind of a nerd haven. You could find all matter of useless stuff in there. Piezo buzzers? Check. Random resistors? Double check.

But I went into one last night and it was a shadow of its former self. The shelves were mostly cell phones, cell phone power chargers, cell phone headsets, and two Xbox 360s. Its like RS is trying to be like Best Buy. But BB can leverage its size to offer a wide variety of goods. RS could never compete especially since their stores are so small. What in the world is going on here?



There's a bizarre site on the web (as if there was any other type of site) called Time Cube.
The page is disjoint and difficult to read. Whoever authors it might very well have some kind of schizophrenic or schizotypal disorder. But he takes this all very seriously. I would know because I mocked his site in an email to him during my undergrad years and he responded about where I could stick my four-cornered head... His basic premise has something to do with time, but you'll have to get through the anti-semitism to find it.

On the page you'll also find a claim that he will debate his theory with anyone anytime. I did read a criticism that suggests Time Cube's arguments are semantically meaningless and not worth debating (read: they don't make sense). I think Time Cube is just plain wrong. The reason is because Time Cube still relies on the same meta-physics that it purports to deny. Therefore, in trying to deny the very meta-physics on which it relies, Time Cube is just another form of nihilism and not worth debating. There's your four-pointed word for you.