Marty McWha?

Thought provocation time. Remember the scene in Back to the Future when Marty is jamming on the guitar in the 1952 prom? The injured guitar player is yelling into the phone to a fellow named Charles, and identifies himself as a cousin with the last name of Berry. So weren't meant to believe that notable rock guitarist Chuck Berry got his influence from future shredder Marty.

The problem is that the song Marty is playing, Johnny B. Goode, was popularized by Chuck Berry himself. So what we end up with is a circular reference. How could Chuck Berry influence himself? It's almost like Phillip J. Fry being his own grandfather! That's today's gaping plot hole in a Hollywood movie for you.


Transformer Class Warfare

I just got done watching that new Transformers movie. Well if that isn't the stereotypical Hollywood action movie that I was expecting it to be. Or, at least that's what I thought. Upon deeper inspection I realized that it was all just an allegory for class warfare! Yes, Karl Marx lives on in the form of a semi-truck tractor with a flame job!

You see, the movie's taught me that we're all being lied to. It's not the Decepticons that are our enemies, its those Autobots! The Decepticons represent the angry proletariat, rising up against their bourgeois oppressors, the Autobots. But the rabbit hole goes deeper! The classes are fighting over the Allspark, or in other words, the means of production.

I know, I know. In the movie the Decepticons are bad and try to kill humans while the Autobots protect humans. But its all propaganda I tell you! The movie was made to portray our rich oppressors as protectors who only have our best interests in mind. All lies! For Megatron!