Roger Clemens Versus the World

As I listened to NPR today report on the baseball steroid hearings I came to a conclusion. The problem right now is that Clemens' old physical trainer and also a former teammate are saying that The Rocket shot up with steroids and human growth hormone (HGH). But Roger comes right back with the untouchable, "No I didn't!" The problem comes down to the fact that the committee has (as far as I understand it) no legal power to compel the type of evidence discovery as is necessary to prove anything here. For instance, the trainer claims to have kept syringes and bloody cotton balls he used when injecting Roger. Can those be tested? Can the committee require Clemens to submit to a DNA test? No! So it all becomes one person's word against another. After realizing that I suddenly lost all interest.


Cinco Anos

I have a theory I would like to put forward. My theory is that no television show should run longer than five seasons. The Japanese are much better at this than us Americans. The reason for this is that once you have a fixed frame of reference you can properly pace your story arc(s). Look at shows that violate my theory: Stargate, Star Trek: Voyager, et.al. Everything gets repetitive and cyclical. The freshness is lost. And speaking of Lost they're the one show above any other that influenced my development of this highly scientific piece of work. Ponder these thoughts and reflect in their truth.


Language Multiplicity with Java

Java is the single greatest programming language in the history of mankind. One of the many reasons why is the way Java integrates with various other languages.

JRuby is a set of Java classes that implement the Ruby interpreter. This allows Ruby code to run within a Java application.

But Ruby's not the only interpreted language that gets to play with Java. Python also has libraries to run its code from within Java. Its creative name is Jython...

Moving on from interpreted to scripted languages, Perl can interface with Java too. A Perl module exists to allow Perl code to call Java byte code. Java's not the online language that Perl can call on this way. Typically for Perl its called "inlining".

Last, but not least, is the venerable Lisp language. Lisp is one of the oldest computer languages. But there is recent work that allows you to compile Lisp into the same byte code that Java gets compiled into. In addition to using the same virtual machine, Lisp compiled into the Java byte code can call other byte code.

With this variety of evidence how can you deny that Java is truly the best programming language out there?


Wolverine Ain't So Tough Now

It seems logical to think that Wolverine's healing ability based on bone marrow. But his bones are all fused with adamantium metal. In the X-Men movie it looks like his bones are solid, polished metal now. Wouldn't that prevent the bone marrow from helping with his healing factor? Or instead is the metal porous? That just leaves him vulnerable to poisons, virii, and leukemia! Wolverine's a wuss!